Fibreaid 600mg Tablets

Pack of 30 Tablets Fibre is an essential part of anyone’s diet. Why? Fibre in the form of cellulose is not digested by the body, which means it has several processes important to the digestive tract. Fibre attracts large amounts of water into the colon producing softer and bulkier stools, helping maintain regular bowel movements. Ensure you drink adequate amounts of water to support the activity and function of Fibre in the body. Fibre Aid Tables 600mg contain 95% Fibre in cellulose form. In this way, Fibre can be added to a calorie-controlled diet to support a weight loss programme. Digestive issues can cause discomfort and take you away from enjoying your day-to-day activities. By working with water, Psyllium Husk Fibre can regulate your gut, feeding your healthy gut bacteria and contributing to bulk.

What are Fibre Aid Tablets 600mg for?

  • May help stimulate the digestive functions
  • Complimenting a weight loss programme
  • Assisting in adding bulk to the stools
  • May help soften the stools
  • Helping to maintain bowel regularity


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