Gastone (activated charcoal) Capsules

Pack of 60 Capsules Gastrone® is derived from the coconut shell, which provides much greater absorption than ordinary charcoal, Gastone from HealthAid® works together with your digestive system to provide relief and comfort. When you feel bloated and uncomfortable, there may be some assistance from Gastone in neutralising gas and odours from the inside. Activated charcoal helps absorb and neutralise gas created by indigestion and food fermentation in the stomach and intestinal tract. Gastone® capsules act as a natural internal cleanser and de-odouriser, beneficial for maintaining digestion, intestinal hygiene and fresh breath.

What are Gastone Capsules for?

  • Absorbing and neutralising gas
  • Natural colon cleanser
  • De-odourising the digestion gases
  • Confidence! Fresh breath and reduced, odourless gas


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