Resolife Capsules

Pack of 60 Capsules Long-lasting fatigue is a common complaint, how do you know its cause? Often, it’s the simple answer of your immune system struggling to keep up. Lethargy and tiredness are common signs of a weakened immune system. Recurring colds and flu, dizzy spells, obesity, and other health-related problems are indications that your body might need a little assistance. Naturally supplement with HealthAid’s Resolife® to restore vigour and vitality alongside a healthy diet and exercise. Resolife® Capsules contain Resveratrol, which is a naturally occurring nutrient found mostly in dark berries and grapes and is proven to have powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are known for many health benefits; including providing support through the ageing process, helping to maintain a healthy heart, blood sugar levels and immune system. Resolife® combines the benefits of two high quality extracts from Giant Knotweed and Grape, which are rich in polyphenol, and provide a trans-form of resveratrol with superior biological activity. Resolife® Capsules may be of benefit to:
  • Individuals who wish to support their immune health
  • People who wish to increase energy levels
  • People who wish to increase their antioxidant levels
  • Individuals who need assistance in the maintenance of a healthy body weight


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