Phosphatidyl Serine 100mg Capsules

Pack of 30 Capsules Phosphatidyl Serine (Brain Alert) 100mg Capsules contain a phospholipid that is vital to brain cell structure and function. Phosphatidyl Serine levels may naturally decline with age; so supplementation is beneficial. Brain Alert is specially standardized to contain a high concentration of Phosphatidyl Serine for optimum benefit.

Phosphatidyl Serine (Brain Alert) 100mg Capsules may be of benefit to:

  • The middle aged to elderly to help increase brain health and function
  • Those who work or daily activities requires mental stamina
  • People wishing to boost overall cognitive function brain health and performance
  • University and school students undertaking courses or examinations for peak performance
  • Teachers and lecturers for teaching purposes and recall
  • People who experience any Age Related Memory Impairment
  • People with neurological degenerative disorders


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