COVID-19 Same-Day PCR Test


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service-hepatitis We offer COVID-19 PCR testing in our pharmacy in partnership with Elmi Laboratories. Our COVID-19 PCR tests are suitable for international travel and come with a Fit-to-Fly certificate. A sample is collected from the patient in our pharmacy via a nasopharyngeal swab, the swab is then transported via courier to our partner laboratory where the sample is analysed and a certificate will be issued and sent directly to your email. When you arrive at the pharmacy, you will be required to fill out a form with your information, including your email address and passport number. To ensure prompt delivery of your certificate make sure that the spelling of your email and passport number and correct and clearly legible. This is our Same-Day service so results are guaranteed before midnight on the SAME DAY of your test. All samples must be collected before 4 pm to guarantee your result for midnight on the same day your sample is collected. If you are using the test for travel and you are required to take the test a certain number of hours before your flight, this is from the time the sample is taken. Please ensure that you are booking your test within the timeframe outlined by your airline or the rules of your destination country.
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COVID-19 Same-Day PCR Test


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COVID-19 Testing

We are now offering the antigen COVID-19 test in our pharmacy. Book Online or Call us at 0208 520 5081

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