Yellow Fever Vaccine


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service-hepatitis Yellow Fever is a serious and potentially fatal viral disease that is spread by mosquitoes in tropical parts of Africa and South America. It occurs in both jungle and urban environments and is particularly common in the rainy season. You should have your vaccine at least a week before you travel. Once you have received the vaccine, you are protected for life (there are some exceptions to this rule, under 2-year-olds for example may need a booster). We will provide you with a certificate stating you have had a Yellow Fever vaccination. If you lose your certificate we can re-issue you one, but we charge an admin fee for this service. Please note that a four week minimum interval period should ideally be observed between the administration of MMR and Yellow Fever vaccines to ensure these are effective. If you think you need protection from yellow fever urgently and leaving this gap may not be possible, please talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist for advice.
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Yellow Fever Vaccine

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