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Hepatitis A and B


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The combined hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for travellers over 1 year of age, visiting areas of hepatitis A and hepatitis B risk, who put themselves at risk of infection, particularly:

  • Those who plan to remain in areas of high or intermediate prevalence for lengthy periods
  • Children and others who may require medical care while travelling to visit families or relatives in high or moderate endemicity countries
  • People with chronic medical conditions who may require hospitalisation while overseas
  • Those travelling for medical care

The Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for travellers over 16 years of age, visiting areas of hepatitis A risk, particularly those visiting friends and relatives, long-term travellers and those visiting areas of poor sanitation.

The vaccination is administered via intramuscular injection in the deltoid region. In young children, the vaccine can be administered into the thigh. The vaccine schedule you need depends on your age and when you are travelling. You may require 3 or 4 doses to be fully protected against both diseases. The pharmacist can advise you on your vaccination schedule. Once you have completed the full course you will be protected against hep A for 25 years and against hep B for 5 years. When you arrive at the pharmacy you will be required to fill in a consent form with a short questionnaire to see if you fit the inclusion criteria for the vaccine. The form can be downloaded to view and fill in before your appointment.
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Hepatitis A and B

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